Picking windows for your home

Picking windows for your home

If you’re wondering what to look for when buying windows, consider everything windows do for your house. They provide natural light, outside views, insulation and security. The best windows for any home will provide all of these benefits while blocking out wind drafts and UV rays. A window must also be fully functional and easy to open and close properly with no physical strain on your part. Below we...

Choosing between Windows

Windows: Choosing between uPVC, Aluminium and Wooden Frames

If you plan to build a new home or buy and renovate an existing property, one of the things you should be checking out is the windows. Windows add value to a house, improve security, help reduce energy consumption and add an aesthetic appeal to a house. In Tanzania, there are several choices when it comes to window frame choices. We have three main choices when it comes to selecting the type of window...

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