Tanga isn’t solely the name of a city in northeast Tanzania, however it’s conjointly the name of the encompassing region. Furthermore, Tanga district covers huge zones of coastline, protecting ancient coelacanth fish. Here is what you need to know about Tanga city Tanzania.


1. Early history

Tanga was at one time another stop over for caravans en route to the backwoods of Central Africa. The desire to find slaves and ivory necessitated this journey. The Germans made it a focal point of pioneer organisation amid their occupancy in the early part of the twentieth century.

2. Post Independence

In post independent Tanzania, the port of Tanga kept on being an entryway for the fare of sisal from the area. However, following the embracing of the Ujamaa strategy, agribusiness in the area crumbled and the city lost its esteem.


The city of Tanga in Tanzania lies on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, it shares it’s border with the East African country of Kenya. With a population of 273,332 in 2012, Tanga is one of the largest cities in the country.


The city encounters sweltering and moist climate all through a great part of the year and has a tropical wet and dry atmosphere. Because of nearness to the equator and the warm Indian Ocean, the city encounters tropical climatic conditions like all Tanzanian beach front cities.

Trade and economy

Tanga was once a major industrial center until the sisal market. Despite the fact that Tanga has lost quite a bit of it’s monetary and social charm it is still conceivably the most productive locale in Tanzania…

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