Bagamoyo is a town in the east African country of Tanzania. Once one of the most crucial outposts along the east African coast, Bagamoyo was established at the end of the 18th century. The town used to be the capital of German East Africa and a strategic trading post. Here’s what you didn’t know about Bagamoyo.

In the colonial era, Bagamoyo was the managerial and economic capital of German East Africa. However, since the capital was moved to Far East Salaam, Bagamoyo has been waning. One of the town’s biggest draw cards is it’s unhurried pace and captivating past. This makes the town a perfect getaway from the modern day hustle and bustle.


The town of Bagamoyo was once a thriving settlement along the east African coast. Furthermore, the town was an important component in the trade caravan route. This facilitated the link between Lake Tanganyika and the sea. Ivory, salt and slaves passed through Bagamoyo before being shipped to either Zanzibar island or the rest of the world. Bagamoyo is a Swahili word that translates to ‘bury my heart’s, as this was the penultimate stop for slaves before they were shipped off.

Different ethnicities coexist harmoniously in the culturally rich town of Bagamoyo. The cultural diversity includes, the Wakwere, the Wazaramo, the Wazigua and people of Arab descent. In addition, this makes the town a peaceful and friendly place that is accommodating to visitors.


75 kilometers north of Dar es Salaam on the coast of the Indian Ocean is the town of Bagamoyo. Additionally, it is located across the the tourist island of Zanzibar. To date you can still see European and Arabic influences in the town’s architecture.


From the time the capital was shifted to Date es Salaam, the town has been in gradual decline. Consequently, there is a lot of poverty and unemployment in Bagamoyo. In addition, there are various local shops with great clothing, paintings, carvings and jewelry.

Getting around

1. Road

Firstly, the town of Bagamoyo is accessible by the Bagamoyo-Daladala station road south-east of the town. Also, Bogomoyo is located 70 kilometers on the norther trunk from Dar es Salaam on a good tarred road.

2. Sea

In addition, as a coastal town, Bagamoyo can be reached via aquatic means. Furthermore, a new two berth intermodal container port is currently under construction.


Bagamoyo is home to several primary and secondary schools. Schools in the town include; Marian Pre and Primary School in the Majengo area.

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