Growing Herbs In Your Kitchen

Growing Herbs In Your Kitchen You read that right. You can have a mini garden right on your kitchen window sill! Sounds unbelievable but it is true and feasible. Windowsill gardens are a wonderful way to grow everything from herbs to succulents inside your own home. They do not take up so much space and they are easy to maintain. A windowsill garden or a countertop garden is a collection of plants that...

Adding colour to your home

Adding colour to your home

Colour can transform your home like nothing else. It can enhance, lift and complement your space. On the other hand, it can drag it down, making your rooms feel small, drab and lifeless. It goes without saying, but colour is one of the most crucial elements in the design to get right. Colour can instantly set the mood in any space. Here is a handy guide to help you in adding ​colour to your home. Adding...

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