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The real estate market in Tanzania has been growing in recent years. Here are the characteristics and general information for the best area to buy a property in Tanzania.


  • Dar Es Salaam
  • Dodoma
  • Arusha
  • Zanzibar



In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, you can find various types of properties to buy, including apartments, houses, villas, condos, and commercial spaces. Apartments are often located in multi-story buildings and offer different sizes to accommodate varying needs. Houses and villas provide standalone living spaces with yards or gardens, suitable for families or those seeking more privacy. Condos offer a mix of apartment-style living with shared facilities like pools and gyms. Dar es Salaam is unique from other places in Tanzania some of its uniqueness include:

Cost of Living

Differs from other regions from Tanzania. Basic necessities like food, transportation and utilities are inexpensive compared to other regions in Tanzania.

Economic Activities

Dar es Salaam is the  economic hub of Tanzania contributing by 13% of national GDP, Its economy is supported by the port, tourism, industries, transportation and the whole business at large. So whenever a person buy a house, or property in Dar es Salaam has the advantage of access various opportunities of economic activities.

Rent out in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is a city of investments and a person may use that opportunity to buy a house or an apartment and rent it out to other people for sake of getting profit and income from rents, as we know Dar es Salaam is one of the fastest growing city in Africa and that comprises with new people looking to rent apartments and buying houses.

Transport and Good Infrastructure

In Tanzania, Dar es Salaam has been developed in all form of infrastructure starting from roads and Railways and also air transportation and the sea transport unlike other regions in Tanzania. In terms of Transport and good infrastructure Dar es Salaam is number one in Tanzania.



Dodoma, recently designated the new capital city of Tanzania, doesn’t have the towering skyscrapers that it’s predecessor Dar es Salaam has. What Dodoma lacks in skyscrapers it makes up in proper planning. And with proper planning means a better delivery of services such as roads, electricity, water distribution etc.

Capital City

Government moves capital city from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma. This means a constant flow of workforce both in the Government, non governmental institutions and the informal sector. They all need a place to call home.

Population Growth

  • With the increase in the general population comes demand for commercial and non commercial properties. Satisfying this demand will take some time as the city grows to accommodate the migration.

Better Access

  • Movement of both goods and people is expected to further increase in number as the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) to Dodoma is completed. The SGR is expected to reduce travel time from Dar to Dodoma by more than 30% meaning that people can spend more time in the city hence further contributing to its revenue circulation.

Property Price

  • Property prices in Dodoma are currently very low compared to other cities like Dar or Arusha. Buying a house now is more attractive in Dodoma due to the above mentioned potential. A 3 bedroom house for sale in Dodoma in prime areas like Area C, Kisasa or Kilimani remain below the US$ 100,000 mark while the rental market in the same area is seeing a steady increase in prices reaching the US$ 200 per months.



Arusha is a city located in the highlands of northeast Tanzania. It is known as the gateway to various tourist attractions such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro. You will find convenience with many Supermarkets nearby within the area. House, flat, townhouse, multi and single family home, apartment, land, plot and unfinished houses are available for sale and rent in different residential areas.  Beautiful houses are available for sale in Arusha, recommended areas are Sakina and Njiro. These areas security is top, community is mixed and hence civilization and all social services and infrastructure are best.

Natural Beauties

The city is full of natural beauties like mount Meru also is a pass way to mount Kilimanjaro also various national parks like Ngorongoro, and Arusha national park also Serengeti national park famous for its wildlife and annual migration of wild animals.

Tourism Hub

Arusha is famous city in the world known for its performance in tourism industry, various tourist from all corners in the world came to Arusha for the sake of visiting its natural beauties like Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro mountain also national parks and historical sites.


The city has favorable climate a cool climate with mild temperature and low humidity that favor a lot of people by providing a comfortable living environment.

Economic Growth and Infrastructure Development

Arusha has witnessed the grows of economic influenced by factors like tourism agricultural and trade also in infrastructure sector Arusha is not behind as there have been a massively improvement in infrastructure such as roads, utilities and transportation networks.

An Investment Potential

Arusha is a city full of investment opportunities, with its growing economy, its location and climate, a person can find an opportunity to invest in various sector like agriculture, industries, tourism and real estate.



Buying a property in Zanzibar, Tanzania is like investing in a slice of paradise. One of the best place that attracts thousands of people from all corners of the world just to come and witness its beauties like white sandy beaches picturesque landscapes, beautiful hotels and serene forest. Zanzibar government has shown the support on real estate investments and the demand for prime properties is high, some of the reason of buying a house in Zanzibar include:

Country Stability

Zanzibar is politically, socially and economically stable. Private investments are protected under domestic law and through international conventions.

Strategic Location

Zanzibar has been a trading hub for millennia. Due to her geographical location, it has become an ideal place for companies that need to do business with Mainland Africa and beyond.

Abundant Resources

The amazing island of Zanzibar has abundant resources such as agricultural and marine products, lovely sandy beaches and warm sunshine, historical and cultural sites in addition to the traditional life style of Zanzibar’s.

Tourism and Hospitality.

Zanzibar is a popular and famous for its performance in tourism industry, the place attracts various people all around the world especially for its white sand beaches, beautiful hotels and the general hospitality of Zanzibar citizens. So by buying a house in Zanzibar you will be able to access all this Zanzibar beauties without much cost of travelling.

Choosing to live in Zanzibar may be a great step a person can take, either by living with family or investing, all are good decision, The real estate market growing fast and the demand for houses is very high  driven by on going tourism industry, as among the beautiful places to stay and live is Zanzibar, the island is full of beauties and natural attractions like white sand beaches and luxurious hotels. Buying a house in Zanzibar may simplify and give easy access on all this beauties without long travelling.


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