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Cityscape of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

The real estate market in Tanzania has been growing steadily in recent years. The country has increased property investment, especially in urban areas such as Dar es Salaam, Arusha  Dodoma, Mwanza, and Zanzibar.


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Real Estate Market in Tanzania

The Real Estate Market in Tanzania is expected to reach the value of US$651bn by the end of the year 2024. Among the various segments of real estate, the Residential Real Estate dominates the market with the projection of US$589.7bn by the end 0f 2024. The segment also expected to grow at annually rate of 4.76% result in market volume of US$784.40bn by the year 2028 compared globally China is expected to generate the highest value in the real estate market with a projected value of US$135.70tn by the end of the year 2024.

So Tanzania Real Estate market is experiencing a surge in demand for various investments opportunities, tourist attractions like national parks and luxury beachfront due to its stunning coastline and growing economy and tourism industry in general.

Factors Influencing the Real Estate Market in Tanzania

There are various factors that influence or contribute to the growth of real estate market in Tanzania.

  • Economic Growth

The Tanzanian economy has been expanding recently in the industrial sector which creates job opportunities attracting a lot of people to the opportunity areas. This has led to increase in more investments in both industrial real estate, commercial real estate and residential real estate.

  • Urbanization

The urbanization is on the rise, various cities are experiencing growth in infrastructure. Various social services and economic sectors have led for demand of housing and commercial properties example in places like Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Dodoma Mwanza and Zanzibar. The demand of housing in these area is much higher compared to other regions in Tanzania.

  • Tourism

Tanzania is among the countries in the world with full of tourist attractions and natural beauties known for its tallest mountain in Africa that is mount Kilimanjaro. Serengeti national parks, beautiful coasts and beaches in Zanzibar and Dar es salaam also drives the demand for properties both for residential estate and commercial purpose such as hotels and lodges for tourists.

  • Infrastructure Development

There have made a massive improvement in infrastructure sector in recently years. Almost every region in Tanzania are now linked with tarmac road. The government has been investing in infrastructure projects including roads and ports which positively affects the Real Estate Market.

  • Political Stability

Tanzania is among the peaceful land in the world. The Tanzania citizens are kind and there is no history of civil wars or any large scale uprising. Owning a real estate in Tanzania will come with the advantage of living peaceful life with good neighborhood while doing his or her activities in peace and harmony.

  • Population Growth

The growth of population has a positive impact on real estate sector. As the number of people increase the demand for housing and land grows by higher rate. Such fact make also the price of real estate properties to change and vary according to places. For example, in most populated areas in Tanzania like Dar es Salaam the price of real estate is higher than any other regions in Tanzania. It is driven by higher demand of housing service, and it is a most developed city in Tanzania that attracts a lot of people from other regions in Tanzania.

  • Amenities

The availability of amenities such as schools, hospitals, parks, and shopping centers can also impact real estate values. Properties located in areas with good amenities tend to be more desirable, leading to higher demand and higher prices.


Real Estate in Tanzania is a good investment for either settlement or for commercial purpose. But there are still minor issues that can occur during the process of owning the real estate. Issues related to property rights and land ownership can complicate transactions, so everyone must be careful while completing the transactions of owning a real estate. However, the overall outlook for the real estate market in Tanzania remains positive as the country continues to grow economically.


Investing in Real Estate in Tanzania

Tanzania is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes and a growing economy. From residential properties to commercial spaces, there seems to be a constant demand for suitable places to live, work, and invest.

As the market for real estate development products has matured over the years in Tanzania, the ownership models, development approaches have very well been revolutionized. From industrial Real estate, commercial real estate and residential real estate both are kind of good investment in Tanzania with expected higher return. The Tanzania economy is still growing and the demand for real estate is higher, companies needs land for creating various industries, offices spaces are in greater demand and lastly residents for people to live are increasing as people tend to move to opportunities areas like cities and industrial activities areas for jobs and other economic activities.


The Advantages of Investing in Real Estate in Tanzania

Investing in Real Estate in Tanzania may be an investment with a higher return whether in a short period or after a certain period depending on the place where you invest your real estate project. Here are some advantages you may want to know.

  • It’s an Inflation Resistant

The real estate value rise in time even when the value of money decreases. A lot of people who bought plots a long time ago at cheap prices, especially in most urban areas sold their plots at higher prices and the inflation impacts didn’t affect negatively their real estate market.

  • A Potential to Build Capital

For years, people have earned capital through the real estate business. Capital that came from rents and the sale of plots and investment lands has improved the lives of many real estate owners economically and socially,  and increased employment from the real estate sectors like Agents and Brokers.

  • Potential for Appreciation

Appreciation refers to money made when the overall value of an asset rises between the time you purchase it and the time you sell it. Investing in Real estate, an investor or real estate owner may have the potential to the increased value of the property over time, this is influenced mostly by economic developments that force the demand for housing and land for commercial purposes or industrial investments, even if decided to sell it may do so in higher price.

  • Steady Income

A real estate owner may earn a steady source of income through series of payments coming from rents. A real estate owner has the advantage of generate ongoing cash flow over a specific period of time example monthly rent payments which can help supplement the income and provide a source of passive income.

  • Tourism Potential

Tanzania is among the best countries in the world full of natural attractions like beautiful scenery wild animals and historical sites. Investing in Real estate includes earning from lodges and hotels for tourists who are both Tanzania citizens and foreigners. In Arusha and Zanzibar, you will find there are a lot of hotels and lodges. The main goal is to serve the tourists for the time they come for tourism purposes.

  • Political Stability

For a long period, Tanzania has been a land that attracts different investors from various corners of the world influenced mostly by the political stability of the country. Investing in real estate for anyone either a Tanzanian citizen or foreigner there is an advantage of political stability. For years, Tanzania hasn’t witnessed any civil war since the independence to date. Investing in Tanzania can provide investors with confidence in the long term prospect of the real estate market.

  • Land Availability

In Tanzania, there is still ample land available that can be used for various purposes including real estate investment. Various regions in Tanzania have a very large ample land that can be used for industrial real estate investment which as it grows may create a way for improvements of other real estate like residential and commercial; real estate.


Investing in Real estate in Tanzania can be one of the profitable investments for a long period, though an investor must be careful of the place or area where he/she is placing an investment. A thorough research before any step should be done to avoid future loss. In case an investor is a foreigner, then he/she should understand all the Tanzania laws on the investment sector by concern a lawyer and the court to remove any future confrontation and unplanned loss of money.


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