Tips On Fortifying Your Residence

Home burglaries have been on the rise lately and the motive is the same. Thieves break in to take the expensive plasma screen that hangs on the living room wall and anything else they can carry away. So how do you go about fortifying your residence?

Build A Perimeter Fence

Sounds far-fetched but believe me having a perimeter fence of any kind is the first step to safety. It can never be the only measure though. Read more about the types of perimeter fence options for your property.

Home Design

The design of your home needs to act as its own security system. Ensure you can see all the corners of your property from your house. It might mean more windows but that is security. Be able to have a full view of the gate and the street.

Ensure the garage is secure, the windows and all entrances. Never leave the keys in the door at night. Installing security cameras is also another way to ensure your home is secure. However, cameras on their own seem lax so an additional alarm system coupled with a motion sensor may be more effective.

Secure The Fence

In addition to the perimeter fence, one can further secure the boundary with an electric fence to dissuade any would-be thief from jumping over the fence. Very important to note that there are different types of electric fences on the market and they should be installed by experts.

Neighbourhood Watch

Subscribe to the neighbourhood watch in your area. These small patrol units have proved to be more effective than any security system you can put in place. The neighbourhood watch is the first responder and will be always on the lookout for your welfare.

Be security Conscious

Dont overshare, never announce your trips out of town or out of the house you never know who might be listening or watching. keep your housemaid or house help educated enough not to share or disclose such information to anyone. Trust no one.

Security means being able to prevent crime, so from the foundation of the house to its roof, preventing crime should be the goal. Ensure your home is secure so your family can be safe.


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