Style Your TV Room To Perfection

It is 2023, challenge yourself by giving your TV room a facelift. Style your TV room to perfection, it doesn’t have to look like the den. Especially if your Tv room is also the living room, you better take some notes. You can achieve a lot without breaking the bank! Here are some tips.

Keep unsightly wires out of sight.

Out of sight but not out of mind, here cables coming from the television joining the decoder and running to the power source just give the room a messy look. you can hide those by using a false wall or mounting your television on an entertainment unit. The same cable-free look can be achieved by using conduits and painting them over with the colour of the back wall.

Add some floating shelves

The television area is a primary point in the TV room, add some floating shelves around it for some of your personal photos, art or ornaments. Skipping the shelves is okay too and keeping a plain wall around the television still gives it a clean modern look.

Lighting is everything

You want to consult an expert here, lighting is prime in the living room. You want that cinema slash out of your living room feel. Floating shelves are well-lit. The main lights dimmed when its movie time and bright lights if its time for a family meeting. Lights for every occasion, check our blogs for more on this chapter because lights, lights light up the world!

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