Fruit Trees You Can Consider For Your Yard

Here is a list of 3 fruit trees you can consider for your yard. These fruits are extremely popular this rainy season!


Lemon trees can tolerate a range of different soils but they mostly prefer slightly acidic well-drained soil. They can produce fruit throughout the year as long as they are watered and in a cool climate. Lemon trees require a position in full sunlight that is protected from winds and frost. If you’re growing a lemon tree in a cooler climate, plant it close to a brick wall so it can utilise the radiating heat.


Guava plants thrive in any soil with good drainage and full sun for the best flowering and fruit production. Guava fruit trees are tropical to sub-tropical and may achieve 6 m in height depending on the variety you choose.


Avocado trees like full sun and they don’t like to be crowded, so don’t plant them near other trees, buildings, or power lines. The best soil for these trees is coarse and well-drained, though they will tolerate a wide range of soil types. They aren’t particularly choosy about soil pH, either.


Mango trees ideally need 8 hours of sunlight per day to produce flowers and fruit. Place pot-grown mango trees outside in summer if possible, to give them sufficient sunlight. They need a warm climate and are seasonal fruits. The Mango trees depending on variety can grow up to 10 meters. Other varieties only up to 2m.


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