Benefits of Planting Fruit-Bearing Trees

It is a new year, and eating healthy has to be at the top of your resolution list. This year I challenge you to plant at least one fruit-bearing tree in your yard and see what happens.

Now, if you haven’t ever considered planting fruit-bearing trees, here’s your chance! We’ve narrowed it down to 5 main reasons why fruit-bearing trees can improve your quality of life and the world around you.

Benefits of Planting Fruit-Bearing Trees

On top of offering shade from the scorching sun and being beautiful to look at, fruit-bearing trees offer other benefits

1. Free Food!

Let us face it fruits are expensive, so why not grow your own? Sweeping up a few leaves in one season is a small price to pay to get free delicious fruits. And when you have excess you can harvest and keep for later. You can have fruit all year round.

2. Freshly Picked Fruit Are More Healthy

The longer a fruit or vegetable has been picked from its plant, the more vitamins and nutrients it will lose! These compounds naturally deplete over time, so the key to getting the most nutrient-dense fruit is by eating them straight from the tree! When you grow your own fruit, you can control what kind of pest control or fertilizer to use.

3. They Increase Property Value

Most trees will result in a reasonable increase in your property value if you plant them in your yard because they add ornamental value and provide shade. Significant tree shade can actually help to keep your house cooler, reducing your need for air conditioning in the summer.

Fruit-bearing trees, however, are especially valuable because they generate all that free food!

4. Planting Trees Decreases Your Carbon Footprint

It should come as no surprise that planting trees helps the environment since they absorb CO2 emissions from the atmosphere and convert it all into fresh, clean oxygen. But that’s not the only reason why planting an apple tree reduces your carbon footprint!

5. They Feed and Protect Our Local Wildlife

Trees offer a safe refuge for birds, insects, and other critters that are necessary for maintaining the ecological balance of the places we live. It’s also a pretty good food source for wildlife as well, but don’t worry! A single tree can produce several hundred fruits in one year, so you’ll have plenty to share.

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