Appealing Features For Home Buyers

When it comes to selling your home, understanding your target market is the first essential step but meeting their wants is the icing that gets you to close a deal. Every now and then people look for new properties but not all the time they get to land on one that meets all their imaginary needs. After all, they did not play any part in designing the property how else can the features match what they exactly want? However, you can save your next client some disappointment by examining on-demand features that every buyer has an eye on as of 2019. If you are yet to construct or renovate into something more up to date, here is a guide to acquiring an exceptional home with some of the most wanted features that will help push your property out of the competitive markets fast. 

An open floor plan.

Open Floor


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The interior layout of a home plays a huge role in its general appearance which may be enhanced by furniture, lighting, and decor. Traditionally, most houses followed a closed flow structure in which partitions were used to divide one room from the other. However, following new constructional trends most homeowners adopt to the open floor concept where partitions are eliminated allowing a joined floor that interlinks rooms serving a common purpose; dining, living room, and kitchen into an integrated living space. Innovation and advancement in construction contribute vividly in the popularity of these modern-day housing formats, but it is some of the most overlooked advantages that attract more homeowners into following the trends:

  • Social Interaction – Open floor plans always allow homeowners to easily interact with guests and family regardless of the ongoing activities between the kitchen, dining and living room.
  • Kids monitor – With no barriers blocking the living or dining room from the kitchen, parents can easily keep an eye on the movements and activities conducted by their kids whilst attending to other housing matters.
  • The flow of movement – With the absence of walls and doors partitioning rooms, people can flexibly move and sit around the house without it looking overcrowded and uncomfortable.
  • Good Lighting – Barriers between rooms may limit light flow within the house but open floor houses allow light from outside to dominate the living spaces giving it a more visible and live appearance.
  • Selling Value – With the advancement of housing designs, homebuyers have an eye on open floor homes. An open floor home not only is attractive to the eyes it offers an appreciating value to any modern homeowner.


A modern kitchen.

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If you would prioritize building a modern house and exempt it from having an outstandingly stunning modern kitchen you have failed as a homeowner. The kitchen is the eye candy to modern houses, it is a selling point. No matter how advanced the house design is, if the kitchen does not meet all the necessary points, no client will want to give you an offer. A standard modern kitchen should be able to offer extensively enough eating and cooking space, storage space, modern double kitchen sinks, stylish cabinets, warming drawers, marble, and granite countertops, without forgetting advanced plumbing and air-cooling systems. With the mentioned features in check, do not forget to give your kitchen a good finishing with stunning fresh paints and a set of new lighting fixtures.


  A modern bathroom.

Modern Bathroonm

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Just like the kitchen, bathrooms tend to be the private arena where people like to spend their personal time. It should, therefore, be well kept, clean and ready to use always.  The bathroom can be very expensive to renovate, and an old-fashioned dirty bathroom can turn off potential clients from considering your home. New homeowners prefer bathrooms with a good plumbing system that allows a constant yet regulated water flow, advanced heat system, massive walk-in showers, double sinks, huge soaker bathtubs, mirrors, storage cabinets, updated light fixtures, and linen closets. You can complement your modern bathroom by decorating it with clean inviting colour patterns and art.


A gym.


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Health and well being is now a common factor as more people want to stay fit by monitoring the quantity and type of foods consumed. Also, people are more practical as they engage in physical training exercises performed at a personal time on a daily or weekly basis. A gym membership might be unreasonably costly, or the crowd can sometimes be a turn off forcing most people to turn into home-based workout sessions. A home gym offers new homeowners a cost-saving benefit but also provides room to exercise privately at a comfortable atmosphere, flexibly scheduled sessions and a customized set of workout equipment fitting your health needs. These benefits may not necessarily be limited to health. Once you include a gym into your new property it may, in turn, land your home a great deal. 


Laundry room.


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A modern house calls for a cleaner more defined look and feel. Homeowners aim for less stacked bedrooms and a more allocated set of clothing which is why modern homes consider having a laundry room like ever before. Modern homeowners consider having a laundry room an essential as it gives them a dedicated space for washing, drying ironing, sorting, folding and storage of clothes. You should preferably locate the laundry room in an area that is easily accessible like on the ground or first floor of the house in order to ease the whole labour process. A laundry room with modern electrical and water supply systems that supports advanced washing and drying machines may convince home viewers to settle for your property.


  Storage space.

Storage Space

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Most first new homeowners are individuals and new couples who in the coming years will grow into bigger families and the issue of space is always a number one priority. Enough storage space is an indicator of a nicely designed home. It gives homeowners the flexibility to safely store tools, items, and vehicles that can’t be kept elsewhere inside the house. Storage space always keeps the house organized as it provides room to discard items that would normally crowd the interior of the house. It is important to keep the storage space organized and easily accessible. The storage space can vary from a car garage to a walk-in pantry or simply a wine cellar. No matter the type, home buyers find it necessary to have, therefore, you may want to consider having one before listing your property for sale.




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We fail to deny that most of our daily decisions and activities are dictated by tech-based factors. From the moment we snooze our alarms to clock in systems at work, technology takes a pretty dominant role. Modern homes consider tech factors to set them apart and on top of the markets. From home security systems, air cooling systems, temperature regulators, music systems, climate, colour, alarm and many more are some of the features that can easily be controlled from mobile devices like cell phones. Advanced home tech features give homeowners a sense of efficiency, security, and peace of mind. In order to stay ahead of your competitors, you may want to consider renovating your house into a more sophisticated tech supporting environment.

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