Sustainable Living In The New Year

More and more people are turning to a green-living lifestyle. There are a variety of reasons people are being drawn to more eco-friendly living. Being eco-wise is about sound environmental practices, cost-saving initiatives, being good stewards and instilling positive values in the younger generation. We spend a lot of time in our homes, therefore creating an environmentally-sensitive home is a way to practice the green-living lifestyle and make a serious impact. Here are some tips for more sustainable living and help turn your home into an eco-friendly place.

Tips for more sustainable living in the new year

1. Switch to LED or CFL lights

Lighting typically accounts for approximately nine per cent of a home’s energy use. A cheap, simple and effective way to reduce your energy bill and environmental footprint are to switch to LED or CFL light bulbs. On average, LED bulbs consume up to eighty per cent less energy in comparison to incandescent light bulbs. Besides this, LED and CFL bulbs last twenty times longer than regular bulbs. Another benefit of LED bulbs is that they emit less heat thereby reducing your home cooling bill.

2. Seal gaps around doors and windows

Gaps around doors and windows let in outside air or let heat escape from your home during the cold periods. If your home has gaps around doors and windows this will lead to increased heating and cooling expenses. This will not only increase your energy bill but also make your carbon footprint larger. Consider putting weather stripping around your home’s doors and windows to enhance energy-efficiency.

3. Fix leaking toilets and faucets

Do you know that leaking toilets and faucets lead to a lot of water wastage? For more sustainable living, these leaks need to be repaired. While it might be possible to attend to minor leaks, you may need to engage a professional plumber to repair major leaks.

4. Get window treatments

Curtains and blinds are not just a way to keep prying eyes away, they are also there to keep the heat and cool air outside. Even when you keep your windows closed, heat and cold air can still creep in. As such, upgrading your curtains and blinds is definitely a great way to maintain the temperature and make your home more environmentally friendly.

5. Switch to solar power

When you switch to solar power you will significantly reduce your energy consumption and your energy bill. Needless to say, the installation of solar panels is an excellent way to practice sustainable living. While the initial cost of switching to solar can be significant, it pays for itself over time and greatly reduces your carbon footprint.

6. Pursue energy star options

Replace outdated appliances or electronics with energy star models. This is a cost-saving and green-living upgrade that does not require any lifestyle change. Appliances with an energy star rating cost more than regular appliances but are offset by lower water and energy bills.

Final thoughts

Sustainable living can be achieved by making any or all of the changes listed above. Any action you take to make your home more green will certainly help reduce your environmental impact.

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