Property Listing Online

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The world is online. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and it is true. Property listing online is about photos. Attracting buyers, and renters through visuals.

Below are several tips that educate and provide insight into things one needs to know about listing photos.

Exercise caution about photos

Most buyers spend more than 60% of their online time looking at for-sale homes just by going through the photos. However, photos do not necessarily tell the whole truth about homes for sale. Remember that listing photos are part of sales documents, and you should evaluate them as such.

Photos are designed to look inviting

Sellers and listing agents carefully stage listing photos with an eye toward making the home look inviting to you. As such, everything in the listing photos will be carefully and expertly designed to be clean and sparkle. That’s not to say the homes in listing photos aren’t inviting and can’t look that way. But your home is unlikely to be at that high gloss all the time. Be careful not to let the inviting look overlook the key aspects of the home that you need to pay particular attention to.’

Photos can be staged

Real estate agents advise home sellers to stage their homes. In fact, some homeowners hire stagers to stage their homes. The result of staging is that furnishings and appliances are colour-coordinated to make rooms look more harmonious. Moreover, accent pieces are carefully chosen to draw the eye to great features while minimising the not-so-great features. Be wary that staging can be used to conceal flaws, drawbacks and or less-than-great features. Be objective and always look at a property carefully in all its entirety.

Photos maximise optimal lighting

Part of creating inviting listing photos is maximising optimal lighting. As such, listing photos are taken when the sunlight shows the property to its maximum advantage. However, you need to know what a property looks likes looks like at all times. With this in mind, keep an eye out for how much and where the sun comes in. Moreover, the indoor lighting in listing photos may not accurately represent the real lighting in the home’s interior.

Photos can make spaces look bigger

One of the selling techniques employed in real estate is taking listing photos that make spaces look larger than they actually are. As such, listing photos are taken from vantage points that make spaces appear larger. To remedy this, get the specifications on the home’s size.

Photos might be old

Some homeowners use old photos of their homes in an effort not to show the negative aspects of their homes. By using old photos, homeowners can hide shabby paint jobs, flooring in need of attention or other major issues. It is always advisable to drive by homes you like before making an appointment to view them.

Photos may be retouched

While most sellers are genuine and simply aim to show their homes in the best possible light, it is possible to come across photos that have been doctored. Retouched photos are not a true representation of a home. Avoid home’s where this technique has been used as it may be a sign that there is something wrong with the house.

Most importantly, ask to view the property physically, nothing will ever beat that!

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