Growing Herbs In Your Kitchen

Growing Herbs In Your Kitchen

You read that right. You can have a mini garden right on your kitchen window sill! Sounds unbelievable but it is true and feasible. Windowsill gardens are a wonderful way to grow everything from herbs to succulents inside your own home. They do not take up so much space and they are easy to maintain.

A windowsill garden or a countertop garden is a collection of plants that you grow on a windowsill or countertop. You can do this either indoors or in a hanging window box outside your home. Windowsill gardens are a great space-saving option for home gardeners who don’t have large outdoor gardening space and can easily be done in smaller residences like an apartment.

In the picture above fresh basil, mint and rosemary are growing in a large white flower pot on the windowsill indoors. Window mini garden concept. The flower pot is chic and modern giving the room a fresh and clean look.

What Do You Need for a Windowsill Garden?

A windowsill garden requires:

  • Sunlight: The windowsill you choose should get at least five hours of sunlight per day so that plants that require full sun can adequately grow.
  • Containers: To grow plants for your windowsill garden, you’ll need a container in which to grow the plants. You can also you flower pots of your choice and colour. Set up your garden in a container that works for the space you have—anything from individual clay pots to a DIY wooden box will do, as long as the containers have drainage holes.
  • Maintenance: Along with routine watering, you will need to occasionally prune or harvest your plants to ensure the small container the plants are growing in doesn’t get overcrowded.

Now that you know what you need, you can get started, watch out for our next blog on what plants you can consider growing in your kitchen, or on your window sill.

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