Hidden Roof House Designs

Hidden Roof House Designs

The hidden roof design is one out of many roofing designs. Before it was limited to luxury apartments and high-cost residencies. Today the hidden roof which is also called a secret roof is now a common sight.

In this roofing design, the pitch of the roof is at an angle below 10 degrees and is hidden out of sight by short walls. You might be wondering how the roof drains, well there are two ways. The first is inserting the gutter just between the roof and the outer wall. The second is creating a cosmetic wall to hide the gutter that is placed at the edge of the roof.

A hidden roof takes a certain level of experience even though it is much easier to install as compared to a traditional pitched roof. You will not require scaffolds and ladders in order to install the roof. Since it is a secret roof, professionals can walk around the roof to complete the installation. A hidden roof can be installed within a day depending on its size.

It is also relatively cheaper to install a hidden roof. Hidden roofs are a good option for tropical climates and provide the required shelter that all roofs provide. Like all roofing options, hidden roofs also require regular maintenance.

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