How to decorate your home office

How to decorate your home office

Working from home has become the norm as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread. So, to improve your efficiency and productivity at home, you need to have a dedicated home office. Your home office should encourage you to be creative while also allowing you to get down to work. But this isn’t always the case. In reality, home offices are often the most neglected areas of our homes. To help you create and update your own inspiring space, here is our advice on how to decorate your home office and make it a place you want to buckle down and get to work.

How to decorate your home office

Inspiration is vital when you work from home. As a result, your home office should inspire and exhibit your personality, as well. With that in mind, it’s worth putting some work into decorating your home office. To help get you started, we’ve rounded up some of the top tips below.

Add indoor plants

Breathe some life into your space, so you’ll want to stay longer. It does not matter if you are going for a dark or light themed home office, breathing some life into your office can improve your efficiency. You simply need to add one or two indoor plants. With a plant in your office, you will get clean air and calm, and as a plus, it looks beautiful.

Include art

Your space should inspire you and reflect your unique personality. So don’t be afraid to go all out. The idea is to create a workspace that is fashionable, functional and reflects your personality. Art and craft will improve the look and feel of the office space. Adding different art pieces that speak to you will make your home office more comfortable and help you to get work done. Besides that, in a video conference, your office will be welcoming to your audience as well.

Introduce a rug

A home office with just the appearance of the desk and chair in a relatively bare room can seem quite depressing. As such, ground your space with a colourful area rug – for visual interest and soothing sound absorption. The general rule of thumb is that your area rug should be one or two feet shorter than the shortest wall in the room. Most importantly, you want to ensure that the area rug is large enough to contain your entire desk and task chair.

Introduce lighting

Sufficient lighting makes work easier. With this in mind, make sure your office has plenty of light to cut down on eye strain and headaches. Position the computer monitor so there’s no glare from a window or overhead light, and put a small lamp on the desk for task lighting. Keep in mind that natural light makes a space feel bigger – which is always a plus in a small space.

Stay organised

It’s no secret that home offices can quickly become cluttered. Many home offices are fairly tiny, so using space efficiently is imperative. Use vertical file folders on the desk to keep crucial files within arm’s reach, and hang floating shelves on the walls to get papers and office equipment off the desk.

Cut cord clutter

One of the worst things about offices in our digital age is all of the tech clutter that collects. Your computer and printer are necessary, but that doesn’t mean you have to stare at their tangle of cables all day. Take some measures to keep your home office cord-free. You’ll be shocked at how much your office will feel cleaner and brighter just by removing the eyesore of cords.

Give yourself a view

Position your desk where you can stare at something more interesting than a blank wall when you glance up from the computer. A window’s natural light is ideal, but if you’re in a windowless space, hang a pretty picture above the desk, or position your chair to face the door.

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