Guide to picking a real estate photographer

Guide to picking a real estate photographer

There are many reasons to hire a seasoned, reputable and professional real estate photographer to take shots of your listings. An expert photographer can make the homes you represent look as appealing as possible to buyers. There is no question that good quality photos will ultimately improve your real estate lead generation efforts. Keep reading this guide to picking a real estate photographer so you can get the best results from their shoots and build a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Guide to picking a real estate photographer

You can certainly take your own real estate photos. However,  when it comes to getting head-turning shots of your listings, hiring a veteran architectural photographer is the way to go. Here are just a few of the qualities you should look for when choosing a professional photographer for your real estate listing photography.

Photography skills

Begin by floating the requirement among your network for recommendations. Opt for people who are experienced in property photography. Once you have some prospects, analyse their portfolio and talk to the previous clients for honest feedback. Check the educational qualification, nature of experience, and licensing (if any).


When we talk about experience, it doesn’t necessarily refer to the total amount of time that the photographer has been behind the camera. Instead, ask the professional real estate photographer about the amount of time that they have been photographing real estate. When a photographer is experienced specifically in real estate, they will have a unique way of viewing and photographing the home, because they can tap into their past experiences to know what looks good.

Check their past work

When speaking with potential photographers, ask to see their previous work. Most photographers have a website where you can preview their work. Speak with other Realtors about the photographer’s work. You need to be confident that the photographer knows how to make your property look its best.


After making a list of a few photographers whom you may wish to work with, compare services and prices. Blindly going for the cheapest or the most expensive can be a costly mistake. Image quality, turn-around time, professionalism and experience are all relative here. Affordability is important, as are the abilities of the property photographer. Talk to people who already employ photographers and ask the current market fee for a certain skill-set. Based on this data, you can negotiate well. The final price always depends on the photographer’s skills, equipment, and nature of employment.

Learn all their policies

What forms of payment do the photographers accept? Most photographers accept payment in the form of cash, check, credit card, and Paypal. Moreover, it is important to learn all of the photographer’s policies. For example, does the photographer charge a cancellation fee in case you or your clients change plans at the last minute? Make sure all of the photographer’s policies are clearly laid out in their contract.

Final thoughts

If you want to create an exquisitely attractive real estate campaign, professional real estate photos will be an invaluable contribution and worth every invested penny. The properties will attract more buyers and help to secure a higher price.

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