Garage security tips

Garage security tips

Do you ever take the time to think about what you are keeping in your garage? Most likely, you have some tools, sports or lawn equipment, your car, or other valuable belongings stored in your garage. Garages are often where most homeowners like to store their valuable belongings. Unfortunately, not all homeowners value the importance of keeping their garage secure. When taking some steps in ensuring the security of your overall property, it’s essential that you also consider your garage. These garage security tips will help you secure your garage and outwit criminals.

Garage security tips

Read on for some smart yet simple ways to help protect your garage, dissuade thieves, and gain priceless peace of mind.

Keep your garage doors shut

This is the first, simplest, and most important step: keep your garage doors shut at all times. Many homeowners leave their garage doors open at night or when they leave. Leaving your garage door open is like inviting criminals to break into your property. Consider installing a garage door sensor or an automatic garage door closer. A sensor can tell you if your overhead door is open or closed, and a garage door closer will automatically close the garage after a certain amount of time.

Add some lighting

Criminals use the cover of night to carry out their nefarious activities. And many of them rely on the dark shadows around your garage to hide their shady attempts to get into your home. Installing motion-activated floodlights near the garage windows and doors will make burglars think twice about attempting a nighttime break-in. Motion-sensing lights are especially helpful for keeping detached garages out of the shadows.

Check your landscaping

More brazen burglars don’t mind prowling around your home in broad daylight. But they’ll still take advantage of the cover provided by a well-placed tree or bush near your garage door or window. Make sure neighbours and passersby can see everything going on near your garage by clearing away large trees and shrubs and keeping entry points visible from the street.

Install a security system

Thieves and burglars will be hesitant to target a garage that is equipped with a security system. Moreover, homeowners who want to secure the remainder of their property should also consider installing a security system. Home security systems come in a variety of options, from advanced to do-it-yourself. If you don’t already have one, take some time to look into your options so you can pick the right security system for your home. You should also consider installing security cameras, especially on the entry points of your garage.

Cover the windows in your garage

Windows enhance the appearance of a garage while also allowing natural light to enter. Unfortunately, potential thieves are likely to peek in the windows, looking for valuable tools and checking to see if all the cars have left – a good clue that no one is home, which may prompt a break-in. Adding a layer of frosted film to your garage windows will keep crooks from seeing what’s inside while still allowing light to filter through.

Consider a garage door lock

If your garage door opens manually via a handle, consider installing a locking handle. Additionally, consider installing a deadbolt lock in your garage service door as well as the interior access door. Door jamb reinforcement kits are also ideal additions to your entries for extra security. For even more protection, consider installing an automatic garage door lock to automatically deadbolt your garage door every time you close it.

Final thoughts

The garage not only provides access to your home but also stores items that are valuable to you in one way or another. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can make your garage secure and better protect your home.

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