Home Automation

Home Automation

We live in an era that technological advancements have gained momentum and made life in many ways much simpler. These technological advancements gave rise to the relatively new phenomenon of home automation, which has gained so much popularity recently among homeowners as the cost of installing the system is becoming cheap as days go by. A home automation system is a system that gives you access to remotely control devices in your home from your tablet, computer, or mobile phone from any corner of the world. From lights, electrical outlets, appliances, heating and cooling systems, surveillance cameras, outdoor sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, alarm systems, locks, and home theatres can all be controlled via a network. Here we take a look at how this home automation works and why should one consider investing in one.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is a system that enables the homeowner or resident to control different routine activities by programming or scheduling events via a central hub that is connected to the home Wi-Fi that is accessible via a network or over the internet. The programming can include time-related settings; such as when should the lights turn on and off each time of the day. But also it can include events that are triggered by external environments such as triggering the buzzer and turning on the lights when there is an intrusion.

Benefits of an Automated Home

The importance, significance, and benefits of home automation go beyond simple convenience. Below are some of the advantages of automating your home:

Energy Efficiency

One of the obvious advantages of home automation is its ability for energy saving which eventually helps you to save daily house running costs. You can program your system to turn off the lights when all members of the house have left to either school or work making sure no light keeps running unnecessarily raising the bill, you can also program when the heater should start or stop, same applies to the AC and any other electric device/appliance which eventually gives you so much control on how electricity is consumed, but also saving you from the inconvenience of having to drive/commute back home to go and switch off something that was left running. But apart from the scheduled tasks, the system can be programmed to enable you to control your house remotely, whereby for example with just a tap on your phone you can turn on the heater/AC on your way home.

Keeps the House and Family Safe

With a home automated, you are able to integrate smart security gadgets to keep your family safe. Smoke detectors, alarm sensors, electronic door locks, and home surveillance cameras can all be connected to the home automation hub and be able to alert you whenever an intruder has been detected, a door has been opened, or smoke has been detected by sending an alert to your phone, and via your phone, you can access the cameras to take a look at what exactly is happening at home from a distance and even sound a buzzer to scare off the intruder.

The Extras of Home Automation

Apart from guaranteeing the safety of your family, valuables and home, home automation systems allow you to easily control temperatures, irrigate the lawns using automated sprinklers, control lighting, select your music and other cool stuff at the comfort of your bed by just controlling all these while in your bedroom especially when you are tired and truly need that rest. The whole idea behind a home automation system is not only to automate the daily routine tasks but to also be able to control them from any corner of the world.

What You Need to Automate Your House

To be able to automate your house, the system requires both hardware and software to operate. Hardware such as controllers, actuators, and sensors are required in such a system. The good thing is there are many products available on the market with these capabilities which simplify the whole process, and all you need is to buy them in a store or online.
Hub kits and many other parts and pieces needed in a home automation system are readily available on Amazon, eBay, or any other online or local stores. Hubs which are the core part of the system can be paired with the supplementing systems allowing you to customize the system to your needs.


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Home Automation
Home Automation

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