Perfect Kitchen Layouts To Consider For Your House

Perfect Kitchen Layouts To Consider For Your House

Most people come in contact with the kitchen as they start and end the day for either a cup of coffee or a complete dinner plate, hence, it should be a convenient space for the preparations of all your meals. Regardless of the house size, people consider kitchen designs at the very beginning of the construction process, while, even for those renting houses, the kitchen is viewed with higher priority unlike other areas of the house. If you are looking to rent or build a house, below are kitchen layout suggestions to assist you with selecting a suitable kitchen for your home.

U-shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen is a kitchen layout that consists of three walls that make a U-shape offering three bases and two or more wall cabinets. This is an ideal design for bigger households in need of enough kitchen space for flexible mobility of people in and out of the kitchen and higher workflow. A U-shaped kitchen comes with enough storage space as it offers three walls although it is not advised to install cabinets in all three walls in order to avoid the kitchen from being too enclosed. To maximize the usage of your kitchen space, one can add an island counter in the middle of the kitchen’s open space to give the kitchen more room for meal preparations and other activities.

L-Shaped Kitchen

There is a slight difference between the U-shaped kitchen and the L-shaped kitchen as one has three walls whilst the other has two. The L-shaped kitchen comes in handy for both large and small spaces such as the studio apartment. It is mostly allocated at a corner space with cabinets along two perpendicular walls. In this type of kitchen layout, the fridge, kitchen, and sink are in close proximity, therefore, minimizing the movement between the zones. It is an ideal type of kitchen coming with enough counter space-enhancing maximal kitchen productivity and flexibility for one or more people.

Galley/Parallel Kitchen

A galley or parallel kitchen is the type of kitchen layout that encloses the kitchen between two walls. This design is not common in recent years due to the usage of open kitchen plans but it is an ideal design that comes with two counters and two kitchen sets of cabinets facing each other. Unlike the L-shaped layout, the Galley layout maximizes the use of all your kitchen space creating more room for your kitchen and its simple design makes it cost-efficient. It offers maximal storage space and with the fridge, hob and sink being in an ideal golden kitchen triangle, the kitchen area becomes a flexible cooking zone. For bigger families with high traffic in the kitchen, it is advised to utilize one side of the kitchen wall in order to avoid congestion and chances of injuries.

Island Kitchen

The island kitchen is another common and ideal type of kitchen layout, especially in modern open house designs. An island kitchen is simply a kitchen with a multipurpose counter placed in the middle of the kitchen’s open space. Unlike other designs, an island kitchen is an element that can be added to other kitchen layouts for new builds and even renovation. This type of layout is ideal in kitchens with larger spaces and it can be added to complement other kitchen designs like the L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens. The island kitchen offers ample area for meal preparations, dining, or simply social interactions. With regards to its position, one can add decorative lighting to enhance the look of the kitchen. Island kitchens are ideal designs for bigger families therefore it should only be placed in kitchens with enough space.

Peninsula Kitchen

A Peninsula kitchen is simply an island kitchen that is connected to the rest of the kitchen or a counter that elongates from the wall or kitchen cabinets. The Peninsula kitchen slightly differs from an island kitchen and it is mostly like the U-shaped kitchen that misses one wall. The Peninsula counter can be used for meal preparations, eating, and other kitchen tasks. It offers enough room for flexibility as it comes in a perfect golden kitchen triangle layout.

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