Porch – Improve Your Home’s Appeal

Porch - Improve Your Home’s Appeal

If you are a homeowner and are looking for ways to improve your house, then creating attractive outdoor spaces that will increase your enjoyment and comfort will be a great idea. Whether it is a place for entertaining guests, a place for spending some quiet evenings outdoors, adding a porch will definitely increase your living space creating a home that feels more spacious with a great curb appeal.

Where to Install a Porch

The three common locations where porches are usually installed are at the front, at the back, and wraparound. Each location serves different purposes while still enabling the homeowner to enjoy outdoor life thoroughly.

A porch at the front of the house improves the house’s curb appeal creating an inviting view for guests. But it’s also a place where you can spend your outdoors for personal pleasure or with a company or friends or neighbors enjoying the scenes, or watching children play.
Back porches are famous for entertaining, barbeque evenings, and as well as enjoying the outdoors. Well-designed back porches can redefine your outdoor living space, adding valuable space on every inch of your home.
Wraparound porches are the type of porches that can be installed anywhere around the house offering a classic look and provide outdoor living spaces on different sides of the house. This is so useful in areas where there is an ocean nearby so this porch can be strategically built to catch the ocean breeze or the morning sunrise.

Types of Porches

Porches can range from just a concrete slab to an outdoor space that looks like a living quarter that is complete with ceiling fans, electricity, and TV.

The most common type of porch is the covered porch, whereby a roof and walls are added to create an outdoor living area that serves as a home extension. These types of porches range from just having basic roofing that matches the existing structure or can be a luxury entertainment area full of amenities that are normally found indoors. Covered porches add that inviting and spacious feeling.
Another type of porch that is common is the screened porch. These are economical compared to covered porches, they still enable you to enjoy the outdoor life without worrying about insects or any other unwanted guests that might discourage you from staying outdoors.

Cost of Porches

The cost of building a porch will vary depending on which part of the world you are in as in some areas labor and materials are cheap and some other parts are expensive. Another factor that will decide the cost of building your porch will be the complexity of your design, materials used, size, and desired accessories. The common accessories include electricity which is used for powering TVs, ceiling fans, and stereo systems. In some places, people do add a fireplace in their porches.

Value Addition

Porches have proven over the years to have a certain percent average return on investment. These values vary by region, as some places are more suitable for outdoor living than others. For example, covered porches in places with colder climates such as Alaska will have lower returns compared to a covered porch in Hawaii.
Installing a porch can be very expensive so it is advised to do thorough research before investing in one.

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Porch with curtains

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