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Flat gardening for beginners

Flat gardening for beginners

In recent years a new trend has been on a steady incline. A new generation of urban gardeners has emerged and the numbers seem to be growing on a daily basis. Whether it is low-maintenance succulents or more high-maintenance vegetables, flat gardening is more popular than ever. We have compiled some tips and tricks to help you get started on your flat gardening journey. Read on to get a better understanding of flat gardening for beginners.


If this is the first time you are setting foot into the world of flat gardening then you may consider starting with succulents. Start small and carefully choose your plants based on ease of care and low-maintenance. Succulents are excellent first plants for beginners as they require virtually little upkeep. In addition, succulents come in a diverse variety. Some examples of succulents include zebra plant, aloe vera and jade.

Evaluate your schedule

Another very important consideration is your daily schedule and the you can dedicate to caring for your garden. As you pick plants for your garden evaluate the time you have to devote to your garden. If you have a busy schedule and very little time to devote to your garden then it is best to o for low-maintenance plants. However, if you spend a lot of time at home and you can dedicate significant time to your garden then consider more high-maintenance plants. In as much as growing high-maintenance pants is quite challenging, it is highly rewarding nonetheless.

Consider your flat layout

The layout of your flat will also have a huge bearing on the types of plants that you get. Keep in mind that there are some plant species that will thrive with very little sunshine. Such plant species would be ideal if your flat does not receive a lot of sunshine. Examples of such plants include peace lilies and weeping figs. On the other hand, if your flat has access to lots of sunshine then you can get plants that demand direct sunlight. Plants that require direct sunlight include cacti, as well as tropical flowers.


If you do a lot of cooking then you can take advantage of plants you grow in your indoor kitchen garden. There are endless tasty plants that you can grow and use to make succulent meals. Moreover, you can also grow a herb garden. Some plants that you can consider growing in your kitchen garden include mini tomatoes and artisanal lettuce.


Needless to say, flowers will do wonders for your living space. Not only do flowers liven up and spruce your home, but they also add pleasant aromas. Flowers varieties such as geraniums, begonias and petunias will add to the aesthetics of your flat.


Regardless of the plant options you opt for, each plant species has its own watering needs. It is essential that you follow a watering schedule based on each plant’s needs. Keep in mind that each plant has unique needs and particular watering requirements that need to be observed.


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