Tips on building a container home

Tips on building a container home

Ever wondered how to go about building a container home? The popularity of container home has been on the rise in recent years. This is due to the fact that container homes take simplistic living to a whole new level. Moreover, container homes encompass creative design and affordable building. As such, the trend for container homes is booming. There is a great deal of knowledge and preparation that is required before you go into building a container home. Here are some tips on building a container home.

Seek council approval

In most instances’ councils are quite open to the idea of people exploring alternative housing options. After all, alternative and innovative housing adds diversity to a town or city. That said, it is very important that you undertake sufficient research on the requirements and restrictions on building a container home. It is always a good idea to develop a good relationship with your council so as to avoid any challenges along the way. Make sure the land you identify for your container home is approved for such a structure before you buy it.

Buy your container

Secondly, you will need to identify a container that will meet your housing requirements. It is a good idea to buy your container through a reputable institution. A good company will help you find an ideal container, as well as ensure that it is structurally sound. Moreover, a reputable organisation will not sell you a container that has been used in the transportation of dangerous items. There are primarily two types of shipping containers. The first type has reinforced square tubing side top rails. The second type of shipping container has flat bar side rails. The first type of shipping container is better suited for housing needs and does not require additional reinforcement. Ensure you receive the appropriate documentation with your container purchase.

Design your home

When it comes to container homes, simplicity and great design are important. The amount of space you require for your housing needs will determine the number of containers you will need. Be very clear on the vision for home so as to simplify the entire building exercise. Keep in mind, that building a container home requires effective use of space. Due to the intricacies of building a container home it is advisable to retain the services of a professional to help you come up with a design. A competent designer will help you design and arrange your container home in the best possible way to meet your needs.

Plan your construction

The greater majority of container homes are built on vacant land; therefore, you will need to install infrastructure. Some of the infrastructure that you will need to install includes electricity, sewerage, and running water. In addition, you will also need to lay a foundation for your container home. Fortunately, you can proceed to install your infrastructure while your container home is built off-site. In order to lower building costs and expedite the construction of your container home consider pre-ordering building materials, as well as fixtures and fittings.

Have a budget

When it comes to the construction of any home it is essential to have a budget. Your budget should include the cost procuring and container and transporting it to your plot of land. In addition, you need to factor labour, materials and equipment into your budget. Moreover, you need to add a contingency budget of approximately thirteen per cent. Your contingency budge will allow you to meet any unexpected expenses. Keep in mind that the complexity of your design will have a bearing on your overall budget.

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