Single vs double storey homes

Single vs double storey homes

There exist a multitude of considerations when choosing your home design. It is essential to opt for a design that meets both your current and future needs. These needs may include preference, size, budget, as well as lifestyle requirements. Regardless of your needs, there are many aspects that you need to take into consideration. One of the most important decisions that you will have to make when it comes to layout and design is whether to go with a single or double-storey design. Needless to say, each property design and style has its own merits and drawbacks. These will undoubtedly need to be carefully weighed up and considered when it comes to choosing the type of house to build or purchase. Single vs double-storey homes, here are the pros, cons, and considerations to keep in mind.

Stage of life

One of the most important yet often overlooked considerations is choosing a home that will grow with you and your needs. It is impossible that your home is suitable for your next phase of life. The next phase of your life could either be to grow your family or downsize into a retirement property. Single storey homes are typically ideal for people with physical conditions that make stairs not ideal to get around the house. In addition, retirees and people with young children may also opt for single storey homes. Whereas families with more mature children may opt for double-storey homes as they are generally more spacious. Moreover, double-storey homes offer more privacy and a better separation of living areas.

Size of plot

The size of your plot of land will also have a major impact on the type of design and style you choose. Plots of land continue to get smaller and smaller in new construction projects as land becomes scarcer. As such, most buyers are opting for double storey home designs in a bid to maximise living space. On the other hand, single storey homes take up a lot of space. This essentially reduces your overall outdoor space. With this in mind, it is more practical to choose a double-storey design that suits your needs perfectly and does not take up too much yard space.

A double-storey floor plan allows you to maintain decent-sized rooms. Moreover, a double-storey home also allows you to have plenty o yard and garden space. If you have children and pets then ample yard space is a must. This means you can have more floor space and yard space that you could achieve with a single storey home.


When it comes to choosing between a single storey and double storey home it is important to optimise the liveability of your home. In a nutshell, you need to consider the right layout to suit your needs. With this in mind, a single storey home accords you the freedom to design the layout as you like without worrying too much about cost, and the structural logistics required in a double-storey home. However, a double-storey home takes advantage of the added extras a split-level layout offers. Keep in mind that a double-storey home allows you to create clear areas of separation. Whereas, when it comes to single storey homes, rooms are usually clustered together. This does not allow occupants to have much privacy.

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