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Areas You Should Consider Renovating Before Listing Your Property

Areas You Should Consider Renovating Before Listing Your Property

Whether you are a first time home seller or not, you may have experienced difficulties in pushing your property off the market fast. There are several factors that contribute to a quick house sale, some being more evident like pricing, marketing techniques and the efforts or experience of the real estate agent can easily overshadow other minor fixes that can contribute immensely in changing the views of potential home buyers over your property. If you are looking forward to sell your property and you are still curious about what adjudgments will attract more clients to settle for it, this article will equip you with suggestions that you could possibly overlook.


The following are important areas you should definitely consider renovating before listing your property up for sale.


Upgrade the kitchen.

You could be an experienced cook or simply a person who pays the kitchen a visit every once in a while but you may still agree with me that the kitchen is the most important part of the house. A neatly well-defined and finished kitchen can dictate the views of potential clients therefore it is important that you consider giving it minor adjustments before listing your house for sale. Consider polishing or replacing old and damaged countertops, cabinets, drawers, broken or leaking water systems, poor lighting and boring or old wall paint. Avoid trends like wallpapers as they tend to time your kitchen. Introduce your kitchen to brighter colors, a coat of fresh new paint will give your kitchen a welcoming, new and unique definition.


Upgrade the bathroom.

After the kitchen, the bathroom is arguably the next most important part of any house. Homebuyers have a keen eye on the bathroom, paying attention to minor details that can result into major discomforts in the long run. Hygiene is also another factor that can inspire or discourage home viewers from considering your house. Dirty bathrooms say a lot about the current homeowner and it can influence the final decision of the viewers about the entire house. Give your bathroom a new look by replacing old stained or broken sinks, tubs, leaking pipes and taps, changing shower heads, broken old or dull tiles, cabinets, broken or blur mirrors. You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune on the upgrade, you should work on a project that still returns profit once the house is sold.


Work on the exterior. 

First impression always goes a long way, we remember certain things just after a single glance. This does not change in real estate. Home viewers go around several houses but it is one catchy look that uniquely stands out that may end up with a deal. Your home’s outdoor surroundings have a lot of impact to home viewers since it is the first thing they see upon arrival. The first impression home viewers have on your house may be the breaking or making point and you definitely want it to be the latter. Hire a landscaping expert if necessary to give your home a fix matching its standards. Trim trees, bushes, and flowers to give the garden a neat edgy look, fertilize the yard for a healthier look of existing plants, clear out weeds and edge the sidewalks and driveways. You may consider giving the front door a new appearance with brighter paint, a fresher polish or a complete upgrade with new more appealing material be it wood or glass. 


Work on the interior. 

After you have impressed the home viewers with a perfect exterior, now it’s time to welcome them inside whilst maintaining their excitement. The interior may be a compilation of several things but certain things stand out immediately after one has set foot. You want your potential home buyers to have a ‘wow’ factor’ and in order to experience that then some adjustments are necessary.


  • Give your house a fresh look with a set of matching neutral bright colors. Colors speak volumes and a wrongly picked pattern can display your house below its actual standard. 


  • Update the floor with an improved look by going with options that don’t run out of style like hardwoods, unlike trends that will time your property. Give the floor a shining look that calls attention to visitors on the go. You do not necessarily have to go over the budget, give your floor enhancements that align with your budget and will be easily covered once the house sells. 


  • Now is the right time to perfect any issues related to cooling and heating systems. People don’t like to struggle with a home whose air cooling or water heating systems are broken or damaged in any way due to uncontrollable weather conditions. A failing cooling or heating system can discourage potential buyers and can be costly to fix. Since you know your house better, you may want to fix issues related to these two to avoid last-minute deal withdrawals.

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