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5 Tips to Easily Rent Out Your House

5 Tips to Easily Rent Out Your House

The increase in urbanization has massively increased the need for better housing as one of the basic human needs. However, the supply of good quality and affordable housing does not meet the growing demand making it difficult for most property owners to find suitable tenants.
For a house owner to earn a reasonable return on investment, it’s very important to ensure that the house in the market is always in demand. Check out a few tips that can help you easily rent out your house fast.


1. Keep Your House Clean

A serious tenant must have a good first impression of your house. Areas like kitchen and toilets are very crucial and best kept clean. If it’s a pre-occupied house then it’s necessary to have it renovated and make sure all the damages or safety issues are fixed before the house is put up for rent.


2. Set a Reasonable Price

Almost everyone is conscious of how they spend their money these days. The expected tenant would want to see the value for money on the listed property. Set a reasonable price basing on the size, amenities and location of the house. Avoid exaggerating the price more than the relevant market value. For short-term rentals, you can set a relatively feasible price that would guarantee a good return on investment with minimum risks.

It is also important to point out the payment terms (1,3,6 or 12 months). Flexible payment terms are likely to attract tenants and close deals fast.


3.  Appoint a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can easily be accessed by house-seekers since they are believed to have a database of properties leaving them with a lot of inquiries. It is wise to choose carefully a reputable real estate agent to represent you who is trustworthy, unlike the unregistered local brokers.


4.  Advertise your House

Advertise your House.
Internet is a major source of information these days. People browse to look for listings that match their needs. Make effective use of online platforms such as social media and Classified Websites to market your house. Your listing should be precise with real images of the house, price, location, terms of payment, available amenities not forgetting your contact details. To upload your real estate listing and reach out to many potential buyers, simply visit


5. Receive Inquiries and Respond Timely

If all the above have been put into consideration, it’s likely that you will start to receive inquiries. Make sure you are available timely to attend to them. It’s very important to have some customer service skills that will help you communicate with the inquiring parties. Set appointments for viewing the property at convenient times. Don’t keep your future tenants waiting since they might have other options as well.

The Real estate market in Tanzania still faces a shortage of good quality and affordable housing leaving a key opportunity to investors interested in real estates. Investors can leverage from a number of international organizations, expatriates, local and international business individuals who seek for better housing. However, it’s very important to understand the market demand at the time before investing. Investors should also be adaptive to the ever-changing business environment.



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