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Health concerns when buying a new home

Health concerns when buying a new home

What are some health concerns when buying a new home? Most people simply think about the location, look, and size of a property when looking to buy a home. However, an often forgotten consideration are the effects on health a property might have. These implications are both in the positive as well as in the negative. Let us take a look at some of the paramount issues worth thinking about when buying a property.


To start with, it is important to assess how much natural light the house receives. Ideally, you want a house that is designed and built to receive the maximum amount of daylight. This will make the property feel much more comfortable. In addition, it gives the illusion of the property being larger and spacious. This ultimately makes you feel more relaxed and helps reduce stress and stabilise blood pressure. Moreover, lots of natural light aids in lessen the determination of eyesight. This is because it is easier for eyes to focus when there is plenty of light. Subsequently, it also means you strain your eyes less and minimise eye fatigue.

Outdoor space

Ample outdoor space and lots of fresh air will do wonders for your personal health. Moreover, research has consistently shown that lots of fresh air and plenty of physical activity is crucial for the development of children. In addition, physical activity will help fight obesity. Furthermore, physical activity and fresh air have a calming effect which significantly reduces stress levels.

Hard floors

Most people prefer to have wall-to-wall carpets to keep the home warm during winter. However, dust mites, as well as other allergens can all be found in carpets. This is particularly problematic for asthmatics as it could trigger reactions. In as much as thoroughly cleaning your carpet on a regular basis will help, it is not full proof. As such it is important to buy a home with hard floors, either in the form of wood, tiles or laminates. It is also to keep in mind that some synthetic floors contain compounds that can adversely affect asthma.


In addition to the above-mentioned considerations, mould is also something else you should look out for. Mould thrives in damp indoor areas such as carpets, walls, and floors. Moreover, mould can cause severe reaction in people with heightened sensitivities. Reactions to mould can include a runny nose, skin rash, as well as red eyes, and sneezing. A detailed inspection before you buy a home is essential, as it will help to identify if there is any mould. It is also worth mentioning that mould can be treated and removed, so it worth thinking about before you completely dismiss a property.


Some old houses used asbestos when it came to roofing. However, asbestos releases minute fibers into the air and they can enter the lungs. These fibers can cause the development of cancer or asbestosis. As such, keeping this in mind if you are contemplating buying an older home. Evaluate if the charm is worth the health risk if the property has an asbestos roof. Alternatively, you can undertake a re-roofing project, but you have to factor in the associated cost to the purchase price.


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