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Landscaping mistakes to avoid

Landscaping mistakes to avoid

Landscaping is such an integral part of your property. Not only does landscaping add curb appeal but is also adds to the value of the property. But like anything else, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. Thus, before you jump straight into adding a lot of plants to your yard, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are a few landscaping mistakes to avoid.

Starting without a plan

One of the biggest mistake property owners make is to start their landscaping project without a proper plan in place. Although it may be difficult to picture your yard several years down the line, that it exactly what you must do. You must envision the outcome and the layout, then start to plan accordingly along those lines. This will help you avoid under or over planting. Needless to say, either scenario will have its own set of complications. As such, take the time to plan every single detail. Know your soil, the plants the thrive in your weather conditions, and where you want everything to go. Remember to factor in children as well as pets as you plan your dream front yard and garden. If drafting a landscaping plan is outside of your comfort zone and the task seems daunting, then consider engaging a landscape architect to guide you.

Not spacing your plants

When you start planting in your front yard or garden ensure that your plants are spaced out accordingly. Most inexperienced landscapers will over plant and not give each plant sufficient room to thrive. It is important for your trees, shrubs as well as perennials to have ample room to grow and thrive. In most instances plant seeds will have planting instructions that will help you figure out the spacing distance. Moreover, you can always consult your local nursery owner or plant expert for assistance. Keep in mind that over crowded plants will compete for food, water and sunlight which will impede their growth.

Failing to research your geographical zone

Plants will grow differently under diverse conditions. With this in mind it is essential to carry out through research on your geographical location. This will help you better understand your soil type, the various weather elements affecting your area, and the types best suited to your area. Avoid the temptation to just rush and buy plants simply because they look pretty, rather focus on plants that are best suited to thrive in your area. Picking the wrong plants for your area could significantly impact their growth and outcome, as well as be a complete waste of resources.

Overdoing it

We all have that one plant that we love so much it makes us just want to burst out into song. That being the case be careful not to overdo planting of your favourite plant to a point where it becomes overwhelming. It is important to find balance and harmony for your landscape to look its best. Be cautious not to focus on plants that doing well under one season. Rather you should focus on four-season plant species as these will look their best throughout the year.

Letting dead plants linger

There is nothing that negatively affects curb appeal more than dead trees, bushes and perennials. Your front yard should always look clean, fresh, and well looked after. Dead plants are best added to the compost heap than left unattended. As a general tip, grind them first before adding to the compost heap. This will aid them decompose faster allowing you to have organic food to help your plants grow better.

Leaving weeds to grow wildly

Weeds will compete with your plants for food. This will negatively impact the growth of your plants and prevent them from reaching their full potential. In, addition weeds will ruin the overall look and appeal of your garden. Moreover, weeds can significantly reduce the lifespan of your pavers as they can create cracks in the pavers and widen them over time. There should be no room for weeds in your garden, thus weed regularly.

Neglecting to keep pests away

Imagine all that hard work and investment gone in a blink because you neglected to be watchful for unwelcome intruders. Pests will mercilessly devour your plants leaving them ugly and unhealthy. Research into pests that are common in your area will help you implement preventative measures. However, you can always use the appropriate pesticides to get rid o pets in the event of an attack. Remember to use organic pesticides as well as pesticides that are child and pet safe.


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