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How to write engaging property listings

How to write engaging property listings

The real estate space is a real battlefield for any investment property owner. In such a highly competitive marketplace you want to attract just the right customer in the least possible time. As such, one of your primary concerns will be how to write engaging property listings that decrease leasing time. But it could all be significantly simpler if you know how to write compelling rental property listings. You only have a few moments to capture potential tenants attention. You need to make that minimal interaction count and let the property speak volumes for itself. Here is a simple guide on finding the correct phrases and words to use to capture the interest of the right buyers.

Your headline should be preeminent

In other words, your headline should standout from the rest of the listings. To start with, your headline is your first opportunity to make an impression. Moreover, your headline should compel your reader to want to find out more. With this in mind, your headline needs to draw the prospective tenant to discover more. However, there are numerous other listings fighting for the same attention. To counter this, ensure your headline is attractive, cleverly phrased and relevant.

Creating a noticeable and attractive headline includes using clever words that are put together inventively. In addition, good grammar, punctuation, as well as capitalization are also important. Do not forget to incorporate an appropriate amount of flair and boldness. It is equally important to avoid making your title too long. On average keep your headline under twenty words. Here are some key elements that you can consider using in your headline;

  • Neighborhood
  • Rental amount
  • Property size
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Prominent attractions

Write a persuasive representation of the property

In the event that your headline has drawn the attention of the potential tenant, this portion of the listing gives a description of the property. Be quick to highlight the property’s major attractions. Furthermore, you must show the prospective tenant all the benefits of being in that property. Your description should be the renter a vivid picture of what to expect the moment they set foot on the property. It should also help them visualize living in the property and calling it home. Again grammar, punctuation and clever use of words play a pivotal role. However, be factual and truthful, and resist the urge to over-sell the property. In addition, make use of visual illustrations including professional pictures, as well as videos. This is ideal to show the prospective tenants all of the property’s details.

Devise a powerful call-to-action

Lastly, following your property description, you must add a call-to-action. Make use of a strong call-to-action that will provoke an immediate response from the reader. Your call-to-action should be such that it converts the possible tenant’s interest into actual action. As such a call-to-action become of the most important aspects of your property listing. On top of this, your call-to-action must propel the reader to act quickly and take immediate action.

In conclusion, it is essential that your contact details are accurate and up-to-date. Moreover, you need to always be available to respond to calls, texts, and emails rapidly.


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