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Pwani region Tanzania

Pwani region Tanzania

Pwani is a region in the East African country of Tanzania. The locale lies on the eastern piece of Tanzania mainland along the Indian Ocean waterfront belt. It is also one of Tanzania’s 31 authoritative locales. In the Bantu language of Swahili or Kiswahili, Pwani is a word meaning coast. Here’s what we need to know about Pwani region Tanzania.


Prior to Independence the Pwani Region was a part of the Eastern Province in which its Headquarters was at Morogoro. After Independence in 1961 the Government effectively introduced the Region system which also denoted the finish of  the Province System.


Pwani has one of the warmest climates in the whole of Tanzania. Furthermore, Pwani is a very warm region, with average temperatures ranging in the lower thirties. In addition, high humidity is also an aspect that can make the weather quite unpleasant. As such the weather is also pleasantly warm to humid and hot all year round.


Six distinct districts make up the Peanut Region. Kibaha city is the capital of the Pwani region and is located in the Kibaha district. The area is flanked toward the north by the Tanga Region, toward the east by the Dar es Salaam Region and the Indian Ocean, toward the south by the Lindi Region, and toward the west by the Morogoro Region.


Pwani is a densely populated region with a population of approximately 1,110,917 people. In addition Pwani measures 32,407 square kilometers and has an average annual population growth rate of 2.2 percent.


The locale is authoritatively demarcated  into six very distinct areas:

  • Bagamoyo
  • Kibaha
  • Kisarawe
  • Mafia
  • Mkaranga
  • Rufiji


Furthermore, Pwani region is home to a multitude of primary, secondary and tertiary schools. Some of the high schools operated by the ministry of education in Pwani region include: Kibaha Secondary School, Kibiti Secondary School and Minaki Secondary School.

Things to do

The beach front Pwani Region offers various attractions that incorporate exploring marine life, swimming, and whale-observing. Also see thirteenth century ruins and catch wind of the historical backdrop of the area in galleries and from neighborhood guides. Additionally,In addition to other things, a voyage through Pwani offers understanding into the building impact of German settlers.

1. Mafia Island

To begin with, we “like at Mafia Island. A tranquil, sandy landmass off the bank of Tanzania, Mafia Island lies spotted with serene cabins and languid angling towns. In case you’re looking for long periods of diving and swimming on remote shorelines, a Mafia Island occasion offers the ideal tropical escape.

2. Mafia Island Diving

Secondly, Mafia Island Diving is a top dive centre offering the broadest scope of water and land based activities. Some of the fun ventures you can undertake include swimming, whale watching, bird watching, picnics, and considerably more.

3. Bagamoyo Historical Town Tour

Thirdly, the Bagamoyo Historical Town Tour offers visits to the German Garrison, the Mission Building,  as well as the Art Centre. Moreover the tour provides historical insight into the slave market,  plus the Kaole Ruins.



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